Random Ramblings


Do you have a hard time focusing on or achieving your goals because you’re too worried about things being perfect? I want things to be perfect, and they definitely aren’t perfect if they aren’t finished. But maybe that’s why I don’t finish. If it’s not complete, then it’s neither a failure or a success…it just is.

Last week, on Dec. 30, Kimberly Wilson, of Tranquility du Jour, held a Facebook Live chat, which the recording is available for any who would like to still see it. SheΒ posed some great questions to get listeners thinking about what they want to accomplish in the new year, and I was able to steal a bit of peace to think about the questions more in-depth. But even while she was talking there were thoughts that were popping up that I had to write down. The main one being my word of the year, “focus.”

Focus on bettering myself; focus on bettering my business; and focus on bettering my home, not through the accumulation of things, but the clearing out of clutter.

This blog is one of my goals, to help me write down and think out the things I would like to focus on. Besides my happy little blog home, I’ve also started another new thing to help with focus–a physical paper planner. I’ve had planners off and on throughout the years and usually only use them a few months before they start collwhatyoucreateecting dust. But this whole Happy Planner/Erin Condren/(insert your planner of choice) craze speaks to my creative self. Bringing the creativity in makes it enjoyable, which makes me actually WANT to go to it every day! Β It’s not just a place to keep track of appointments–because seriously, we all have our phones–but it’s also a place for goal tracking, creative journaling, scrapbooking, or whatever else you like, and THAT I can get behind. At first, I was taken aback by the lack of times listed on days, but as I’ve been surfing the web and seeing others, as well as using mine for an extremely short time, I see the beauty in having it all open. Allowing that spaciousness for creative expression is exactly what I’ve been wanting.

On the divider I’m using to mark the current week, I’ve placed a sticker that I found so appropriate for me, “What You Create Does Not Have To Be Perfect.” I need to focus more on the process of creating and what I learn about that process, rather than worrying about the final outcome.

We need to free ourselves of the demands (in our own minds) of not doing something for the fear that it won’t be perfect. For me, that my planning and journaling won’t be as beautiful as another I’ve seen, that my blog won’t be written as eloquently, that my crocheted pieces won’t have perfect joins in rounds or rows, because the simple act of creativity is what I need. No matter what you create, it is beautiful because it shows a piece of you. And that’s wonderful.


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