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Printable Weekly Dashboard

Obviously, I haven’t kept up with posting to the blog (typical me), but I understand myself well enough to know why. Basically, I think the things I tend to do are simple or just not perfect, and therefore not worth sharing. But given the reception to the post I participated in on the Me and My Big Ideas Happy Planner Group on Facebook, apparently, I’m wrong. πŸ™‚ So this post is for all the lovely ladies who wanted to print my dashboard for themselves, to get us through 2019 when we can start using our gorgeous new Happy Planner products! This is nowhere near as nice as the ones Happy Planner provides, but I can’t find the extension packs in my local store, as well as I don’t need that much. There are only 12 more weeks to the end of the year, so I only need 12 sheets and I HATE wasting all the paper and goodies that Happy Planner includes. (Really really really trying to declutter our house!)


The nice thing about using a printable file, is you can scale it for whatever size you need for your current planner, and even punch it yourself for other planner types!

To download the PDF file, click here. Also, make sure to follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and/or this blog as I’ll be uploading more items as I create them. πŸ™‚

Happy planning!

UPDATE: Due to receiving many requests for other colors, there are now EIGHT colors available for download and printing! Visit Dashboards of the Rainbow to see the colors and download files.


28 thoughts on “Printable Weekly Dashboard

  1. You are a treasure! Thanks for this! I’ve been trying to limp til July with vertical. What’s the best weight paper?


    1. Yes! Just set it to 67%, then trim to 4 5/8β€³ x 7β€³. Be sure that when you print, you center the print on the page or you won’t get it double sided properly (if you’re printing double sided)


      1. How kind of you. I like pastels but am currently using the Socialite with more vibrant colors. The pastels would probably be better to write on though. I appreciate your taking the time to add colors. I

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  2. Thank you so much I have yet to find dashboard layout planners or extensions. I love my Happy Planners and the Dashboard layout due to not having a very busy schedule and having some days of not having any activity.

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  3. Thank you so very much for this. It prints perfectly and is just fab to use. Will you possibly be making them in any other colours?


    1. Hmmm, not sure. I think there’s a setting when you go into print for alignment and you just select centered. Are you printing full size, classic, or mini? If it’s mini, check my latest post giving them already scaled for mini since many were having difficulty.


  4. Thank you for posting these dashboards. Being a newbie to planners, I am in the process of building my planner, and like you, didn’t want to buy the entire book this late in the year. Also, I could only find one planner with the dashboard layout, and it wasn’t my style. You have saved me so much time. Will look forward to your other posts in the future.


    1. You can scale it down for classic. I want to say it’s 84%? Check my Rainbow Dashboards post. It gives the size for classic as well as other colors if you want more than purple. I’m away from a true computer so it’s hard to look up right now. Lol. Glad you like it though!


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